Goodbye Miss Salton

Today is Miss Salton’s last day with us. Next week, our teacher becomes Mr McCallum who is moving up from the Junior Class.

Yesterday, we had a shared lunch to say goodbye, it was our class as well as most of Tuakana (our senior class) as Miss Salton has also taught them throughout her time here.

We will really miss Miss Salton when she has gone. Some of our favourite memories with her are:
– Learning to play Ki-0-Rahi (2022 and 2023 class) and going to the tournament
– Going to Cloud 9 and the Lido (2022 class)
– Doing our galaxy and paper mache planet art (2021 class and 2023 class)
– Learning with Miss Salton
– Learning new computer skills
– Cross Country (Colour Run)
– Swimming Sports
– Tech lessons
– Our first blog posts
– Getting to play football
– Lots of PE
– Helping us with our writing
– Being our coach for different sport teams (Football, Hockey, Waterpolo, Netball)
– Going to Kimberley
– Scaring her with spiders (because she does not like them)
– Shared lunches
– Watching movies and listening to music
– Watching us play our sports

Miss Salton is going to be working for Manaiakalani, being an in-class facilitator.

One thought on “Goodbye Miss Salton

  1. Kia ora Poutama Class, We were sad to hear Miss Salton has left. It is awesome to see you have so many memories.

    We are happy to let you know Miss Salton is in our class today! It was a big surprise when she arrived at school. We have been learning about our digital footprints.

    Kind regards from Room 6

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